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Dianne Markin-Venn started her pursuit in natural health in 1988 becoming the founder of Lady Di's European Body Wraps and Natural Health Spa, Inc. Since that time Dianne studied for seven years under the famous herbologist Soloman J. Wickley, and immediately continued her studies under Dr. Eugene C. Watkinsm B.S., M.S., N.D. for becoming a Master Opthalmosomatic Analyst, O.A. She is a certified Aromatherapist, Certified Practitioner for Raindrop Therapy Technique along with being a Vitaflex Practitioner. Through Dr. Gary Young, N.D. of Young living Essential oils and Caroline L. Mein, D.C., Dianne is a Certified Practitioner in Clearing and Releasing emotional patterns and restoring them to balance. After this training Dianne became into being a medical intuitive. She is also trained and uses in her practice the Light Beam Generator, to drain the lymph to enhance the immune system. She also uses the color therapy crystal light machine to balance the chakras and uses Back Flowers remedies when needed to balance the personalities of those in need. Dianne also travels to South America to the Healer John of God as a guide and soon her business hopes to be blessed with a crystal healing bed.

Dianne suffered from a fifty-five degree curvature of the spine and was in pain daily until her path led her to Quantum-Touch. The QT treatments were straightening out the spine so much that she she felt she needed to share with people in pain. Dianne now practices QT in her business with her clients and is a QT instructor teaching others this wonderful technique. Dianne is also an Ordained Minister.

Dianne takes appointments for Quantum-Touch at Lady Di's (317-290-9727) Monday through Friday 9am - 9 pm and can be reached for emergency appointments at 317-714-7845.

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