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Strong at the Broken Places, by Richard Cohen

Dear Buzz Bay Followers,

The book... Strong at the Broken Places is being released this week and The Today Show is airing interviews with the five survivors..dealing with illness. My friend Buzz Bay has an except on the Jan 7 th show...please Google...Buzz Bay The Today Show Jan article will come up...scan down until you see the picture of Denise shown on launch and see the interview. Also...the live interview is scheduled for this Wednesday (tomorrow) at between 8:30 and 9:00 am. The interviews are awesome. Buzz is in stage four cancer...the most aggressive stage. Chemo almost killed him and he chose not to pursue another round; his faith brought him this far, but he felt his borrowed time was probably being used up.

Having been expose to a couple of alternative methods of healing and detoxing, I shared with Buzz two different resources of mine. First was Migun massage tables..located in the Nora Shopping Center on 86th & College in Indy. Though massage was not recommended because of the tumor..we did use the infra-red that helps to detox the body..Positive results were seen in the next few days and our first step in healing was now begun.

Our next adventure was with a naturalist healing specialist named Lady Di. Through many weeks of varying treatment, natural herbs and oils along with prayer and a procedure called Quantum Touch (plz google) God provided us with another miracle.. The Thursday before Christmas... Buzz went for x-rays...the doctor was amazed that his tumor had shrunk and had actually pulled away from his spine... Buzz's diagnoses is non-Hodgkin's lymphoma..a disease without a known cure....On Dec.20th The Doctor was amazed..stating whatever Buzz was keep it up...and he would like to know what Buzz was doing so the Doctor could share it with others. It's been an incredible adventure with Buzz. I hope you share my excitement to see how God and his guidance to special people has brought a miracle into many lives.

Buzz's testimony is documented in the book and with the interviews. My testimony and witness is in seeing the miracle continue in a positive direction. For more about Lady Di, Google Lady Di's European Body Wrap. and read Raindrop Therapy.

Praise be to God.

Jeff McCrocklin

I had an incredible evening at Lady Di's. Having gone through so much loss in my life..I felt I had LOSS or EMPTINESS I needed to let go of. Its been an ongoing struggle keeping my heart intact. I had seen dramatic results with my friend who was classified in stage four of cancer; his tumor actually shrinking and an emotional release of things that had been trapped inside of him for years. I personally experienced and witnessed others being detoxed with a simple foot bath, as well as experiencing the impact of Quantum Touch and the healing process. It was my time for myself...doing for me..not for others. The raindrop treatment was very comforting; some essential oils dropped onto my back..lightly feathered in with her fingertips, then brush strokes up and down my back, oils applied to my scalp and my feet. Warn damp towels heated my back to work the oils in as she placed her hands on my feet to run the quantum touch energy. Now I know what all the excitement is with day was so relaxing. Special oil and pressure was applied to different points of my feet. Having had some intestinal disorder the past few weeks, it was interesting to find a tender spot just in front of my right heal; a wall chart showed the right side of my colon or intestinal track was a concern area. She also said that from checking those points on my feet, it showed that I had damaged my tail-bone at some point in time. The funny thing is..I fell down a flight of wooden stairs when I was about 12...I passed out and my friend's mother had to carry me to the bed..When I awoke, she asked me where it a twelve year old, I wondered what the right word would be. Surely I shouldn't say my when she asked again, I just blurted out MY A**... ..LOL. so.. no painful memory..maybe the fear is that of falling down wooden Now for the emotional release. As I laid face down on the table, Lady Di turned my head so my right ear was up. She took a glass pencil (for best explanation) and pressed against different nerve endings on my ear. The only tenderness I felt was with the spot for my father and the spot for fear. Puzzled by both, I think the father spot was because I had lost my father early in life and have had an emptiness inside me these past 32 years. Fear..hmm prob that of growing old single and being financially secure. I can't really think of any other fear. So the good news was I am really in pretty good shape...that is until she checked my chakras (Shockra) Chakras are points from your groin to the top of the head. As she held a (plumb bob for best explanation) over different areas ..the result was the would rotate in a clockwise fashion..that is until she got to my heart. As it rotated counter clockwise..she just shook her heard... She told me it was common with matters of the heart...she shared with me her's had acually stopped from spinning. She said..this was expected from me being a Libra, nothing really wrong, but then she placed her finger in a cup of water and altered the heart now turns clockwise. Dianne told me I would experience a lighter feeling.... of which I do. I am glad I had the raindrop treatment. Though it didn't point out drastic measures like it did for my friend, I feel better just knowing that I am me...I am good and now my heart is running in the right direction. My thanks to Lady Di for putting me back together. Jeff McCrocklin

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